What? Dream dog? What kinda names that!? D, there is a great thud in the sound and it’s kinda catchy. It does sound like something you’d do. “Just going to log in to dream dog.” So got my name sorted for a blog, sorry, where are my manners? I’m James that’s me below.

I have a beautiful wife, a beautiful son, and I am very grateful for everything I have in life. Here the gang are..


So blogs, yeah, interesting things. I’ve done a lot of reading about them, met a few people here on WordPress. I have to say it is quite understandable and everyone seems really community minded.

I have left Facebook alone for a while, to me it has really lost appeal, unless others are involved in what your posting your the next down no like lane and no one cares or at least doesn’t care online.

We all like support, we all deserve the same amount of likes/respects as one another. We are all equally important and gifted.
My blog is going to mainly be about chasing your dream and having children at the same time (my current situation).  I’m kinda like an uncle to everyone I know, i hope you can be the same, and look to me for advice. As this is me in the physical world. My other interests are :

  • Music
  • Writing lyrics
  • Psychology (counselling)
  • Graphic design
  • Mindfulness
  • Video editing
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Comedy
  • Collaboration

So, I really want to get to know you all! Share with me your passion and your blog. My interests can be literally anything. I just like people who care and who have compassion. So fire away!