Why it pays to have Emotional Intelligence 

You don’t have to fake. 

People who love don’t fake, they love others and they care for others. Therefore, they have no reason to fake or be someone they are not, because they love themselves too

You let go

Yes, we all carry past scars. The thoughts float around in the mind and start arising when your brain hits the stress button. But you know what you need to do to float this beautiful river of life, let it go and let go of the grudges. If you carry hate, you carry weight. 

You are aware 

When I say aware, I don’t mean what you are wearing or what you see, But what your mind processes and how to deal with thoughts. After all they control the external world and our actions. 

You love like no other. 

The sun, the moon, family, dogs beaches, parks, friends, trees, bees, just firing randomly! You love it all even that person, the nastiest piece of work you can think of, you love them (part of letting go).  But you love them because of the potential they hold to be loving and caring of everyone just like you!

You have tons of friends 

Due to your caring nature, you have heaps of people seeking you out, because you hold nothing against anyone. People want to talk with you because of your understanding and caring nature. 


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