If Only You Knew – foreigners in the U.K.

If Only You Knew. 

I came here for life, what would you do? 

If your house was so poor,  that you ran out of food? 

Would you like it, if someone said go back?  

To a country, a place that’s fallen aback. 

How would you feel? In a society stripped of money? 

You would probably go elsewhere for family, to find the bees and the honey. 

So why do you look at me, an judge me straight through ?  

When you would do the same in my shoes, if only you knew. 


5 thoughts on “If Only You Knew – foreigners in the U.K.

    1. Right back at ya, thanks for your comment. I work with people all over the world mainly Eastern Europeans. It just takes a little compassion to understand how much harder they have it especially when you listen to them first hand.

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  1. A factory, in u.k. Maybe my job title sounded rather exquisite for a minute, haha. We all had a gathering at the pub one night earlier this year. My Czech friend left work, there were Polish, Romanian even Scottish came out lol.


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