So this week has been a weird one,  I have been quite an introvert this week, Family has been the main player. Wednesday I went up town with the wife and kid, got off the bus, and realised we left little ones coat on the bus! Nooooooo (slow motion) moment!

 I took some alleys running through the city of York like a madman to catch the bus, everybody watching me curiously, I got there held the bus down, mission complete. Running for a purpose is so much better than running without, well that’s what I told myself as I was  walking back feeling like a hero. 

So, the same day I had my maths exam. I was in a room with just a woman and me for 2 hours, very quiet as you’d expect. And call me a child, but I’m quite a talker and not keen on silence. So,  I’m Sat there and I couldn’t help but notice her stomach grumble an hour through the exam. I wanted to burst out laughing, how immatre am I?  Tehehe. 

Thanks for checking out my previous post word of the week, I started it on Instagram before I found blogging and it helps me learn too! I also have some funny ideas to promote your blogs! I can’t wait to get started! Oooh me being cheeky again, peace people. 

How was your week? Any highlights?