Where are you from? And what do you love most about it?  

My fellow followers, I talk with you, your on my feed.

 I usually follow them who follow me, not to gain followers, but to gain a shared interest. 

I love your posts! It’s refreshing having a shared interest and learning from you. I know lots about your contribution to the blogsphere, but where are you from? 

I’m from England, although, I can’t really understand why there isn’t a one world language yet. I don’t like even like saying the word ‘foreign’. It differentiates us, when we are much closer and work better together. 

The thing I love about England most is the humour, people are so witty, especially in the north (not because I’m from the north) lol. 

      So let me know where your from.. Tell me one thing you love about it! 


8 thoughts on “Where are you from? And what do you love most about it?  

  1. Another one over here! I’m in London. Looking beautiful today, hopefully I’ll get lots of garden time with little monkey ( i.e chasing him up and down whilst preventing him from chewing stones, bumping into walls and pulling out the roses!😂) Have a lovely Sunday

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    1. Hahaha, must be a wee toddler then? I’m planning gardening too, if I get the time. My lads got me busy today! I’m lucky he can do a lot for himself now, well, what he chooses to anyway haha.


    1. Awesome man! I would love to visit America one day, I was actually talking to my son about it this morning. I can imagine the pizza tastes great, mate. The closest taste i get is probably frozen Chicago town pizza’s, hah-aha, and then, i don’t think they are made from American origin.

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