Morning, afternoon and evening, taking in to account bloggers all around the world. So no real challenges this week pretty plain sailing! Holiday from work has been tip top, get to put all my focus on my family and passions like washing up, ha-ha. 

Have to say I’m getting used to watching everybody loves Raymond (in my pj’s) followed by fraiser. I know they are old but as a kid I didn’t understand why people found it funny. 

As far as games go, I wanted to find a game I could play on my mobile. I have given up! Even when you find something you like, you have to chuck cash at it, Il stick to Mario kart, it’s epic! 

Exciting times are Ahead of me now. I have a lot to contend with the rest of this year but I’m am relishing new challenges. It’s really good to have new things to look forward to, even if they might not seem that big, it’s therapeutic (for me) to know somethings around the corner. I really advise you to take at least two weeks off together once a year if you can, just to recharge, it’s worked wonders for me. 

I’m watching a new series called ‘Quacks’ it is England in the 1840s when doctors were kinda celebrity’s as medicine it famous milestones. It is great and Really over exaggerated comedy! Right up my street! Worth a watch! I also have done some more comedy video filming with my son! He is a natural at music videos now!

I wish you all a great week, until next time, peace.