Need your advice on being a Counselling & Psychology student. 

I am due to start my first year on a level 2 counselling course. I am super excited about it.

I feel I’ve finally found something i am really passionate about but i also know their will be obstacles along the way. 

What am i going to expect? Shall i just go with the flow? What should I be prepared for? I have read tons on psychology this past couple of months. The main reason being is that i love psychology anyway, but also to help me get an insight. 

I’m just wondering if anyone out there can give me a heads up on all of this? What do i learn in general on my first year? Can I get a job (even part time) after two/three years of courses? I know at first it’s volunteering, What’s it like? I can’t wait to start. I’m in UK for preference. 

Thanks, James. 


5 thoughts on “Need your advice on being a Counselling & Psychology student. 

  1. Hi James, first of all I am in the US so there may be some differences.. but..I was/am very passionate about the psychology field and received my bachelors degree in psychology in 2012. I am not currently in the field and would like to point out some areas where I wish I had done things differently. If you really plan to go into this field the more connections you make the better off you will be. You’ll need letters of recommendation for your graduate school application, so develop a good/professional rapport with your professors. Also, you might participate in an internship, so make as many strong connections there as possible. This can be the easiest way to get yourself a paid job in the field right out of undergrad school. Make excellent grades. Volunteering and making more connections is always helpful. Main thing to focus on (other than what you are trying to learn) is setting your self up to get in to the grad school of your choice. And there are a lot of options out there so you’ll want to do your research on that too.
    Hope you find this helpful a little bit. Good luck!!

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    1. I will take your advice on board, and make connections where possible. Thanks for taking time to comment and wishing me good luck, what are you doing job wise now? If you don’t mind me asking, anything in the field? Thanks again. James.

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      1. I have done some volunteer work in the field but have not been able to find any job opportunities to work in with only an undergrad degree. I did not continue my education onto the graduate level so finding paid opportunities in the field is very tough (maybe a little easier if you do make connections).

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  2. Hi James. Glad to here you’re pursuing your interests. I haven’t done a counselling course, but I’m currently in my 3rd year of university studying psychology. The best advice I could offer would be to go with the flow! If you make mistakes, it’s okay, just be sure to learn from them. If you are struggling with certain topics, don’t be afraid to approach your tutors for extra help – it’s what they are there for and it will also help you build rapport which will be super useful with references. If you struggle to find volunteering opportunities which are flexible around your course, I would strongly recommend becoming a Listener on 7 Cups of Tea (it’s an online service to help those experiencing emotional distress), this helped my secure a placement with the NHS as they were fascinated with my work on this website as a listener. I hope you enjoy your course, good luck!!

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