Do you have a YouTube? I have been on there looking for some community spirit and it seems none existent! Blogging is awesome.  I’m so glad i started it, there is so much community spirit and people just generally supporting each other. I actually was reading a debate on here and it got a little heated but ended peacefully, holy guacamole! People act human! 

So, back to the YouTube thing, i want to help and support you! I’m not a like fiend. I’m proud of my work whether I have a million views or zilch! I kind of want my other social sites to be like this one – supportive! I’m on face ache too, but facey is generally poop, people are just too awesome on there for me. But i have to say video reach seems a lot better than YouTube, so take that into account if you want people to see your video! 

Please, if we can communtize on YouTube, let me know! I have Google  but i tried it out and people just post and do nothing else. 

I’m getting a few videos together for my next YouTube campaign. I can’t wait to share them with you. There is going to be plenty of everything including : comedy, singing, rapping, mash ups and covers. 

Visit me here Dream Dog music