So it’s easy to stand in you’re truth, go ahead step in there! No,no and no again! Standing in your truth is a massive misconception. All our lives we are told to speak our truth and stand in our truth without truly knowing what it means. 

Being a musician, I’ve had my fair share of failures and I’m not going to plow you with the struggle and chasing your dream blah blah nonsense. But through my music writing, the things I really wanted to bring to the surface musically are finally appearing. The stories i write in music are more defined, they have a purpose, a flow and it’s nice to know the hard work is paying off personally. Is it paying off for others who are listening to my music? I don’t know and i wouldn’t like to blow my own trumpet. To be quite frank should I care? aslong as I’m personally achieving, thats what life’s all about, do you agree?

So, yes I’m getting my story out, it’s cleansing, It’s my truth, you see everyday we improve, each and everyone of us. We are all speaking clearer and getting one more day wiser. Being analysts of thoughts, situations and judgements etc. Your truth is not something you step into, it is something you work all your life for. It is your explanation of being. Not just through music but through education, passions,work and even just simply talking. Our truth or to stand in it is not just to stand in it or speak it. It is to work hard for it, and make it so your message of truth is clear for all to see.