Hi guys, I’m back among the blog living. Life has really got it’s wheels in motion, safe to say I could see this coming. Studying and working are dominant at the moment, but for all good reason!

I have started my counselling course and made new friends. Close relations in my family have moved even closer, and I am involved with a great cause for the community in York, where I live – Two Rivers Radio. I’m having an interview on air this Monday between 6-7, you can check out the page here


I hope you are all well and looking forward to the festive season? I would like to thank you all for your continued support for my blog, old and new followers. I will check out your recent posts and spread some love!!! Im sure there is some great content! If you want me to check out a certain post, please feel free to comment it. 

So, my music videos are ready for action! A week today (this is the first announcement). 
After 6 months editing and mastering songs and videos! Kurwa! As my Polish friends would say. Thank god!  

Oh well, experience is being gathered, look for the lessons as I always say! 
Be sure to keep an eye out online! I’m back blogging and will be posting reviews. 

Life is busy but vibrant, as I’m looking forward to what the future holds by nailing down the foundations. Peace to all. Happy blogging!