You look around in a public place, people are being ‘zombied’ or are they? Phones have become like the modern day tamagotchi, Crying for attention. Smart they are.. Maybe too smart! Don’t get bit by the zombie. Let’s show those f#####s who is boss.

Here is my list of things on how to use your smartphone – for the good.


– absolute god send. Receipts contacts, meetings, files, wages the list goes on, make good use of it.

Writing ideas down

– if you have a great Idea store it in your memos or notepad, gone are the days of paper,(although people shopping at supermarkets wouldn’t agree).


– you can learn Almost anything on YouTube. You can read almost everything on Google! Type in everyday things that boggle your mind. Check out that actor you can’t remember the name of, knock yourself out (actually don’t do that I’m just been silly now).

To do list

– yeah stick some tasks on there, get them done, there’s an app where you can put lines through done tasks, it feels good too, better than knocking yourself out (I’ll try and give up the pun).


– get your favourite music on an sd card, bang it on your phone, use it for parties, travelling or crying yourself to sleep. I actually have been through tons of sd cards! I learnt a trick so listen! The sd card can only write a certain amount of times (it’s a hell of a lot 1000+) and then it won’t write/copy and come up with errors. The thing is you keep all the songs on your sd, so this time round I have an sd card full of music. If it crashes I’ll get a new sd card, but I’ll still have a ton load of tunes on the other.


– Now where do you think I started this post, that’s right out and about, little did people know I was posting out goodness to the mobile phone walking dead. Blogging is terrific, it is a positive social platform and in my opinion the best. I clearly think it’s popularity is very underrated, the reason being is probably that it doesn’t cause much controversy, people generally want to reach out, aww nice.


-Danger, Danger! Don’t use Google for this! As you may go back to a previous search or go off course surfing the waves of the Web then looking at a cat video that you think is awesome but everyone has seen it 5 years ago. Use the app on play store you can use it offline too, this comes in handy when reading books or studying.

Lyrics and songs

I couldn’t begin to tell you how many songs I have made from my phone, it beats scruffy hand writing! Download free instrumentals or learn your favourite song lyrics from YouTube and smash it out or you local! Or get tomatoes thrown at you!

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to add more good uses of smartphones in the comments.