4 years old and didn’t know any better, there I was my whole life ahead of me. I picked up the milk bottle (don’t know if milk floats still go about) and I started to create a song of sorts.. My mum still brings it up to this day ‘Milk bottle milk bottle what’s inside’ I guess you could say this was my first song.

Time went passed with a keen love for dinosaurs blemishing through my early years, I used carry my Disney dinosaur everywhere, street cred didn’t mean nothing then. I remember having a drum kit, but it just disappeared one day, strange that hey?

Anyway I had my old trusty tape recorder. You could record vocals around you when you pressed play and pause together, what technology! I carried that everywhere, but still had time for my dino and several other teddy friends.. Jenny the spider, Ed ducky and Lenny the loin (who got brutally murdered by the family dog).

Yep big fat batteries stuffed in my tape recorder and all the twisted things on t.v. Then like Zap & Dexters Laboratory – inspiring me to make up daft stories on tape, my brother’s were my crowd then and they laughed at my entertaining recordings. Of course I remember my first tape, The Outhere Brothers Don’t Stop – my mum went ape with the explicit lyrics but me and my brother managed to get the tape from woollies with no problem. What was your first tape/CD?

I remember my earliest memory of music was listening to Erasure & Madonna as a kid – I used to get a little embarrassed when ‘Open Your Heart’ came on, these were the things that started me on my musical journey. The passion of the 80’s, Tape Recorders and explicit lyrics.

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