Despite hearing this music after a few bevvys (which did thump up the quality a bit) I have two great tracks to share with you that are Guaranteed at least top 5 UK singles chart if they haven’t already got there! Listen for predictions:

1 .Bastille – Quarter Past Midnight

This track took me back to when bastille first appeared for me with the Hit single ‘Pompeii’ it had that same anthem energy! The song is well put together and I’m sure the students/young adults will pick this as a hit playable song. Catchy Lyrics and Bastille with their original style on the song, you can tell they came from been bedroom musician – stencilling their own niche.

My rating 4/5 Chart place no. 2

M. o – Bad vibes

This didn’t sound as good sober, I’ll be honest. Think about our light corded charters – Fuse Odg – then think of these guys, there’s a resemblance but all in good light! For me, I like this tune as it talks about bad vibes.. You have to be smart with urban music as there is a fine line between sounding cheesey and sounding cool. The vocal arrangement is brilliant and the girls sound good live too, so they can live up to there sound. The Boyz are good too and there is a urban romance going on there somewhere in the song. It also personally for me resembles a spiritual aspect in terms of bad energy, damn right we can sense it, when we’re conscious of it.

My rating 4/5 Chart place no. 3

Thanks for reading my chart predictions this month!

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