So for you who aren’t passionate about psychology or mental health, but want to understand the complicated terms, I have broke it down for you to understand easier.

CBT focuses on the way we can change patterns of thinking and behaviour in order to feel better.

It is usually an non medicated therapy which can tackle all kinds of mental health issues, from depression to PTSD, right through to bipolar disorder.

Through CBT, people understand their way of thinking and how to deal with thoughts, training themselves to respond in a different way. With this new thought pattern, it can lead them to a more satisfying way of life.

CBT is made up up of ABC, meaning:

A. Antecedent, trigger or occurrence. This could be someone staring at you, although there might be a logical reason to it. This is what starts off an immediate belief to the situation without analysing it.

B. Belief, this is what you think the situation is. Going from the above example, you might think the person doesn’t like you or is going to become aggressive.

C. Consequence, you might shy away or you might stand up to them and say something like what are you looking at? Or stare at them back, going from previous situations you have faced without analysing first.

Let’s look at it another way :

We could just have made eye contact, give them a smile, then C, they smile back, situation over. Avoiding unwanted drama and stress.

This can help us with our daily lives :- we can assume so quickly due to previous experiences and biased views, B helps us question our beliefs to change our consequence.

B is the main factor, what we believe about the situation, changing the consequence.