So I’m a sucker for psychology and reading psychology books towards reaching goals!! I read a story about these frogs in A race – everyone was booing and jeering these frogs, this is how the race turned out : 5 frogs, one dropped out of the race due to all the name calling and gave up, followed by the second, third then fourth until there was one frog who lasted all the way to the end. Now everyone wanted to know how he did it, for no one had ever done this before.. Turns out the frog in question had no ears. He could not hear the others grinding him down, going in his own direction and not listening, the frog managed to finish the race.

This can apply to humans, obviously! Don’t let them grind you down, do you think successful people listened to all the people who said no you can’t do it? Hell no!!

So into beating goal anxiety, for me it’s a combination of several things, musically – it is having a new song to write and not only that, but a cover song every few songs to keep things spicy, new lyrics for the next song, writing still even though I have my next album done, listening to music from others, keeps me inspired and knowing what’s hot on the scene – this way I’m not listening to what people are saying about my latest song I’m focusing on the next and improving as I go along!! What a recipe!

Don’t look for other people’s approval or respect (even though it helps sometimes) head down. I had just passed my college exam and several other things I call mini victories this year, I’m actually at the point where I don’t even feel the need to ring my parents and tell them even though they are the ones pining to hear it! So I have improved and got my head so far ahead that I’m not looking back or seeking approval, I’m a doer and it feels good. Hope this can inspire you, do you have your own method to beat goal anxiety? Let me know in the comments!!