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How to Stand in your Truth.

So it’s easy to stand in you’re truth, go ahead step in there! No,no and no again! Standing in your truth is a massive misconception. All our lives we are told to speak our truth and stand in our truth without truly knowing what it means. 

Being a musician, I’ve had my fair share of failures and I’m not going to plow you with the struggle and chasing your dream blah blah nonsense. But through my music writing, the things I really wanted to bring to the surface musically are finally appearing. The stories i write in music are more defined, they have a purpose, a flow and it’s nice to know the hard work is paying off personally. Is it paying off for others who are listening to my music? I don’t know and i wouldn’t like to blow my own trumpet. To be quite frank should I care? aslong as I’m personally achieving, thats what life’s all about, do you agree?

So, yes I’m getting my story out, it’s cleansing, It’s my truth, you see everyday we improve, each and everyone of us. We are all speaking clearer and getting one more day wiser. Being analysts of thoughts, situations and judgements etc. Your truth is not something you step into, it is something you work all your life for. It is your explanation of being. Not just through music but through education, passions,work and even just simply talking. Our truth or to stand in it is not just to stand in it or speak it. It is to work hard for it, and make it so your message of truth is clear for all to see.

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You Have An Alter Ego!

Did you ever want to be Superman?

Did you ever want to protect your city like spiderman? 

Did you ever want to see your sign light up the sky like batman? 

Well, all this is possible, metaphorically speaking.

That thing for you which was easy to do as a kid – you never knew why but it was easy. It was a gift to you, you didn’t realise till later on in life, but now you use it and show people it. You inspire others to do it.

We all have an alter ego, a power, a destiny and it is not far from you being a superhero. We are all gifted and we all have a calling – a trait where we can show our uniqueness. Don’t be afraid to show them. do not think it will make you sound full of yourself, work at it. Its your alter ego. The people need you!

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That’s why she’s mine. 

She’s a natural beauty call it divine 

Got her best shoes on dressed to the nines 

Not a fake label not a fake design

That’s why want her that’s why she’s mine

Stays a lady when she’s knocking back wine

All the other guys want to get in line

If looks could kill she’d be doing that time

That’s why i want her that’s why she’s mine.

Written by James Beresford. This is for a future album not yet realeased. My latest ep : 6 Track-Carnival  follow me :

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A week in the life of me #5

So my week has been totally different. I had to let go of a negative force in my life, it was hard, but the right desicion and I feel good now, well, getting there. It never is easy letting go, but you have to understand the reasons why you have done it in the end.

Coming back to work killed me after time off! Had a stuffy nose for days. I took some allergy tablet’s and I can see why I don’t take them! I had little Tantrum’s after taking them when I was hoovering up.

I always do seem to have little outbursts (not nasty ones) when I have took tablets.
 It’s a real shame for people who have to have them on  regular basis. I wouldn’t be myself, no wonder the world is looking back to natural remedies.

So my wife has got the dreaded cold now! My son is back at school and now I have a rabbit that were looking after, who shits all over the living room! Life is just peachy. Having said that, she is a beautiful rabbit! It’s amazing how such a survival based animal can be so social. She will sit on the sofa and be stroked like a dog! 

I had a walkthrough my hometown today, it inspired me to write a song for my next album about growing up there.

I’m going to me mum and Dads for the weekend, as I’ve said before their just like friends. They owe me nothing, but still seem to want to give, I can relate as a parent but I just wish I could give them more after raising me up the way the have! My mum loves my determination for becoming a musician and counsellor, she supports me 110% I remember her hearing Leeds festival, saying : James will be playing there one day! I’m never giving up on my passions, I never have never will.

I really was in a place of relaxation at the beginning if the week, and had great balance, I seem to have fallen off track a litlle bit but getting myself organised again. Everything works better with a plan, even simple things like pre-ready answers for your boss etc. 

I’m getting ready for my counselling course and annoying all my followers with it! Lol. I had a chance at getting a job close to home as a mental health assistant, I could really do with it to help me progress, but the money and hours don’t fit. I have to think about my family first too. I guess it will all come in due time, and I can have a job that I am passionate about. 

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Post your Home Page 

Hello! Aren’t we forgetting something? Your home Page! The WordPress reader just shows us all your posts!

Let’s see your beautiful websites and blogs! Post away! (I will check them out and leave a comment below!

Give one an other comments about your visit to their blogs.

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The fiesta del Tomate 

Had to share this great poem! The original blogger can be found here:

a fiesta and celebration of this juicy red

carried in baskets brimming full

spilling out onto the streets of Spain

this ripened bounteous store is made


slipping and sliding they begin to squelch

only the softest is thrown

licking the fruit from tasty lips

I’ve heard they’re a pheromone


friendships are forged

in a friendly fire of squishy spirited fun

chaos reigns as they intertwine

and teeming the juices run


but the juice that creates

isn’t wine

but for cleansing the streets

from the ripened vine  real source.

Wish you all to LA Tomatina 2015

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Kid-b – Way Of Old 

The lights are on but no-ones home

Please take me back to the way of old

Campfires and swing ropes 

Guitars and hot coals 

Let’s go back to basics 

Cut a timeline through the ages 

Free to do our thing

That’s why I get on the mic and sing. 

These are some unused lyrics but are set for use on my new album next year. 

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Kid-B – Way of Old