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How to make better decisions. 

Decision making, easy hey? Im Afraid not! Unfortunately we are not the best at desicion making, it’s been proven. Experiments have been put together to carry out desicion making, one in particular caught my reading attention – The mathematical expert, well, he was an actor, at some sort of mathematical convention for experts. Having no mathematical knowledge whatsoever, but having books and certificates to prove otherwise – he answered questions people fired at him (non mathematical as a guess). And not only that – People claimed that they had already read his portfolio! Amazing what you can do with some clever acting. All the people at the convention bought it.

Another thing we buy so easily is our own character. Ask yourself, the last time you asked for an opinion, was it off someone with similar characteristics as you? Chances are it was. Why not? We want our opinion to be valued,  so why not ask someone who will value it? This is where we go wrong, because we use the same angle, the same people and the same opinion. We sometimes don’t like hearing other people’s opinions, this is one of reasons why we are bad at decision making. We need to take a new angle and be daring to ask those who do not have similar characteristics as us.

Looking back and being totally honest with myself, I’d say my decision making has been poor. I value more people than ever now! Goes to show we are collectively better.

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Music and exercise psychology 

  • New exercisers will get motivated quicker with music than not.
  • Music can enhance and dehance so make sure your in charge of the playlist. 
  • Listening to ‘power music’ can make you feel powerful. 
  • Generally, the higher bass levels, the more powerful words in music to get you motivated. 
  • Listening to music before exercise can help improve simple tasks.
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Don’t let the colours fool you

Hello guys, so I am reading a great book called ‘Eyes Wide Open’ by Noreena Hertz. It’s about making smart decisions, I could do with that! Anyways, it talks about money and how you can be misguided by colours etc. So I dug a little further and found these for you. I hope they come in handy when making your next purchase!

  • Yellow – grabs attention of shoppers 
  • Red – often seen in clearance sales (urgency) 
  • Orange – action, buy or sell
  • Blue –  trust, security – banks etc.
  • Green – wealth, money also it is the easiest colour to process. 
  • Pink – feminine products 
  • Black – powerful, luxurious products 
  • Purple – calm, beauty

researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone. 

    Are you reading anything that could be of use to someone? Post in the comments! 

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    Why it pays to have Emotional Intelligence 

    You don’t have to fake. 

    People who love don’t fake, they love others and they care for others. Therefore, they have no reason to fake or be someone they are not, because they love themselves too

    You let go

    Yes, we all carry past scars. The thoughts float around in the mind and start arising when your brain hits the stress button. But you know what you need to do to float this beautiful river of life, let it go and let go of the grudges. If you carry hate, you carry weight. 

    You are aware 

    When I say aware, I don’t mean what you are wearing or what you see, But what your mind processes and how to deal with thoughts. After all they control the external world and our actions. 

    You love like no other. 

    The sun, the moon, family, dogs beaches, parks, friends, trees, bees, just firing randomly! You love it all even that person, the nastiest piece of work you can think of, you love them (part of letting go).  But you love them because of the potential they hold to be loving and caring of everyone just like you!

    You have tons of friends 

    Due to your caring nature, you have heaps of people seeking you out, because you hold nothing against anyone. People want to talk with you because of your understanding and caring nature.