How to Stand in your Truth.

So it’s easy to stand in you’re truth, go ahead step in there! No,no and no again! Standing in your truth is a massive misconception. All our lives we are told to speak our truth and stand in our truth without truly knowing what it means.  Being a musician, I’ve had my fair share of […]

You Have An Alter Ego!

Did you ever want to be Superman? Did you ever want to protect your city like spiderman?  Did you ever want to see your sign light up the sky like batman?  Well, all this is possible, metaphorically speaking. That thing for you which was easy to do as a kid – you never knew why […]

How to make better decisions. 

Decision making, easy hey? Im Afraid not! Unfortunately we are not the best at desicion making, it’s been proven. Experiments have been put together to carry out desicion making, one in particular caught my reading attention – The mathematical expert, well, he was an actor, at some sort of mathematical convention for experts. Having no […]

Music and exercise psychology 

New exercisers will get motivated quicker with music than not. Music can enhance and dehance so make sure your in charge of the playlist.  Listening to ‘power music’ can make you feel powerful.  Generally, the higher bass levels, the more powerful words in music to get you motivated.  Listening to music before exercise can help […]

Don’t let the colours fool you

Hello guys, so I am reading a great book called ‘Eyes Wide Open’ by Noreena Hertz. It’s about making smart decisions, I could do with that! Anyways, it talks about money and how you can be misguided by colours etc. So I dug a little further and found these for you. I hope they come […]