Can you challenge me? Lyric challenge #3

This is my toughest yet! Here are the words suggested by you!! Comment your words for the next live broadcast of The hmgw show for me: Kid-b, to rap about, here are todays: Antiestablishmentyranism, scribble, botulism, flatulism, potato, whipmawhopmagate,oppurtunist, York, hmgw, lobster,cocks, that welsh word! (couldn’t spell it) and uranium Don’t forget to like us […]

Far away 

Those times in my mind I still think about you.  I still hear you in my mind, don’t doubt you.  Hey, just because I’m far away doesn’t mean anything between me and you changes. You can turn the page and I’ll be waiting. Till we meet again my friend, saying – Hey just because I’m […]

Kid-b – Way Of Old 

The lights are on but no-ones home Please take me back to the way of old Campfires and swing ropes  Guitars and hot coals  Let’s go back to basics  Cut a timeline through the ages  Free to do our thing That’s why I get on the mic and sing.  These are some unused lyrics but […]

Drunk in love. 

Sat here on my own thinking of you and me, netflix and biscuits,  You were with me because I was a misfit, But between us it’s just distance,  Trying to get us back to where we were, trying to lift us. My friends keep telling me; give it up, give it up, let her go, live […]

The Days – lyrics #1

Avici / Robbie Williams -The Days Heart ache, heart break All over town But something flipped like a switch when you came around And I’m in pieces, pick me up and put me together… These are the days we’ve been waiting for On days like these who could ask for more? Leave them coming ’cause […]

Why I wrote this song #1

Why I wrote : Hold My hand.  We had lost my father in law, a great man, a funny man and very wise man at 82. My son used to sleep next to him on the sofa at the tender age of 3. They’d both fall asleep together.  My son doesn’t remember all that much, […]