Kid-B Chart predictions

Despite hearing this music after a few bevvys (which did thump up the quality a bit) I have two great tracks to share with you that are Guaranteed at least top 5 UK singles chart if they haven’t already got there! Listen for predictions: 1 .Bastille – Quarter Past Midnight This track took me back […]

Can you challenge me? Lyric challenge #3

This is my toughest yet! Here are the words suggested by you!! Comment your words for the next live broadcast of The hmgw show for me: Kid-b, to rap about, here are todays: Antiestablishmentyranism, scribble, botulism, flatulism, potato, whipmawhopmagate,oppurtunist, York, hmgw, lobster,cocks, that welsh word! (couldn’t spell it) and uranium Don’t forget to like us […]


There is a place, which no one knows, And in this place, where friendship grows, Beneath the sky, beyond the fields, People are true and love is real. I seek a path, I look for a way, To find this place, be back there again,I’ve been there once, it was like a dream,I was too […]