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Body Language, Eating Out & Handshakes. 

So, I was Sat having a meal at a pub with the Mrs. A steak, it was delicious. The Mrs wasn’t so keen after finding a big chunk of fat on her steak. She didn’t say nothing though, well at least her mouth didn’t.

The bar lady came over and asked how the meal was. I said, great, cheers. My wife said it was lovely, thanks. I noticed a twitch in her shoulder as she said it. I already new she was lieing.

I did a little digging and came across clusters. Now,  clusters are when people try to lie and fake the whole face thing. But, the human body knows better and responds to the lieing in a different way, I. E. Twitching, leg, hand gestures.

The other things I read about are handshakes. Now, we all know that old battle of a firmer handshake, alpha male and all that crap. But there is things like photo donimation. If you are on the left hand side (looking at the photo) you appear to be the more dominant, especially with handshakes, take a look..

Ok, some player is going to try and stop the left hand character, being more dominant, how can he do it? Like this…

Putin moves his hand further up with a tight grip, making Obama look like the donimated. Also it can create moments of awkwardness, like this..

 Now Putin is getting owned, so what does he do? Adds another hand, giving more power to him but also making them look like a cute couple. Awkward, but Putin comes out trumps. (Silly political joke not intended). 

I am not big on politics, but I find they are the best examples for handshakes. 

Watch out for clusters, handshakes and fatty steak! 

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Why Nobody will Ever Understand You.

So there I was, only just the other week, I thought about it time after time as the quiet mind seems to work on these ideas.

It popped in my head, and I took great notice and awareness more than ever. I mentioned to a friend how life would be easier if I didn’t work but, I didn’t mean work in general,  I meant my day job.  My idea would still be to chase current dreams and work hard.

you-just-dont-get-it-no-one-does-quote-1But somebody took it the wrong way (not in a nasty way) and explained how boring it would be not to work. It was that moment of clarity that made me think about all the times subconsciously I had thought about no one understanding my personal situation. Instead of getting on the defensive and explaining why I had said it, I just let it be. It felt amazing getting to that subconscious milestone.

The bottom line is, we are all from different families,places and cultures. If someone doesn’t understand you, it’s no problem. You know you, you know what your current situation is, you know what you were trying to say, but remember, you don’t have to explain it. Because you are from planet you and know-one understands you better!

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