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How to Stand in your Truth.

So it’s easy to stand in you’re truth, go ahead step in there! No,no and no again! Standing in your truth is a massive misconception. All our lives we are told to speak our truth and stand in our truth without truly knowing what it means. 

Being a musician, I’ve had my fair share of failures and I’m not going to plow you with the struggle and chasing your dream blah blah nonsense. But through my music writing, the things I really wanted to bring to the surface musically are finally appearing. The stories i write in music are more defined, they have a purpose, a flow and it’s nice to know the hard work is paying off personally. Is it paying off for others who are listening to my music? I don’t know and i wouldn’t like to blow my own trumpet. To be quite frank should I care? aslong as I’m personally achieving, thats what life’s all about, do you agree?

So, yes I’m getting my story out, it’s cleansing, It’s my truth, you see everyday we improve, each and everyone of us. We are all speaking clearer and getting one more day wiser. Being analysts of thoughts, situations and judgements etc. Your truth is not something you step into, it is something you work all your life for. It is your explanation of being. Not just through music but through education, passions,work and even just simply talking. Our truth or to stand in it is not just to stand in it or speak it. It is to work hard for it, and make it so your message of truth is clear for all to see.

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Post your Home Page 

Hello! Aren’t we forgetting something? Your home Page! The WordPress reader just shows us all your posts!

Let’s see your beautiful websites and blogs! Post away! (I will check them out and leave a comment below!

Give one an other comments about your visit to their blogs.

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A week in the life of me #4

Morning, afternoon and evening, taking in to account bloggers all around the world. So no real challenges this week pretty plain sailing! Holiday from work has been tip top, get to put all my focus on my family and passions like washing up, ha-ha. 

Have to say I’m getting used to watching everybody loves Raymond (in my pj’s) followed by fraiser. I know they are old but as a kid I didn’t understand why people found it funny. 

As far as games go, I wanted to find a game I could play on my mobile. I have given up! Even when you find something you like, you have to chuck cash at it, Il stick to Mario kart, it’s epic! 

Exciting times are Ahead of me now. I have a lot to contend with the rest of this year but I’m am relishing new challenges. It’s really good to have new things to look forward to, even if they might not seem that big, it’s therapeutic (for me) to know somethings around the corner. I really advise you to take at least two weeks off together once a year if you can, just to recharge, it’s worked wonders for me. 

I’m watching a new series called ‘Quacks’ it is England in the 1840s when doctors were kinda celebrity’s as medicine it famous milestones. It is great and Really over exaggerated comedy! Right up my street! Worth a watch! I also have done some more comedy video filming with my son! He is a natural at music videos now!

I wish you all a great week, until next time, peace. 

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A week in the life of me #3

So guys, my new slot for a Thursday! Work last Friday got a little mental. I say a bit, a lot! Picture two mountain’s with heads and a midget trying to stop them collieding, i.e me.

Yes, two of the biggest guys in my work place decided to have a battle, right before finishing the shift for my jollies, and I was doing a Jeremy Kyle and trying to keep the peace.

Jollies = Holiday

I had been to my folks on the weekend just gone. I say folks, they are good friends aswell.  I have just discovered my dad used to be a cowboy! Well horse-rider, but it sounds more fun for his grandson – ye-hah Grandpa! They have had some really good news so I was really happy for them! 😁😀

I had my last bit of dental treatment on Monday, it lasted an hour n half, I get on well with the dentist when they are not hurting me! Lol. I was on a tight schedule, things to do, crime to fight, that sort of thing.  So, although I get on with my dentist, I couldn’t bloody talk because i had a plastic sheet over my mouth. I really wanted to ask what part of the treatment we were at,  but i couldn’t speak and they didn’t tell me till right at the end. And baring in mind I had all sorts of stuff coming in and out of me mouth. It was like i was in an insane asylum, there was even smoke at one point. but I’ve always looked a little like frankenstien so there’s no problem there!

Tuesday, I went to see that emoji film with my boy. It was actually a lot better than I anticipated, I can’t believe all that happens in my phone, really educational.

Yesterday was very emotional, on a serious note. We met up with a lost relative, brother of my wife’s father who passed a few years ago. They live up in Scotland. We all met up where I live in York. It was overwhelming – almost like seeing my father-in-law back to life, similar character, sense of humour. I felt the need to have a wise old man back in my life, knowing this about this, and that about that.

Today we went to Leeds from York on the ZAP bus, they have leather seats, wifi and USB ports, very swarve. Tonight I’m going out drinking, woo bloody hoo! Hopefully get down with my bad self, on the dance floor! All will be revealed next week! Thanks for reading!

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A Week In The Life Of Me #2

So guys, I guess Thursday is now the official home of ‘A week in the life of me’. 

The weekend just gone I did some videoing with my son for one of my tracks called ‘Turn that music down’. We were messing around and he really loved the being the director, especially when I wore some of my wife’s clothes! Shhh! Don’t tell the Internet or anything! 

(Not me I prefer the tiger suit) 

Oh, by the way I passed my maths exam. Blood, sweat and tears but got there in the end, looking forward to my counselling course now, but going to enjoy the rest of summer first!

 I have struggled with sleeping this week, so much pressure of an early night can send you the other way, well, that’s what I have learnt, as of late. I have got two weeks off work starting next week. It has made my week so hard knowing that. I know it is all in your head but I can’t help thinking about it!! 

This morning was cold before going to work, I loved it, being tired, you can’t beat it. Sorry I’ll stop bieng sarcastic now.  No, i mean the cold, It gives you a taster of the winter months, and it is kind of refreshing,  taking your mind to a different season, very therapeutic!
It’s like when I came out of work today, after a day and night of rain, there it was, glorious sunshine. The weather making us appreciate it, just feels so much better after the rain!

Wierd energy today, Thursday’s are rubbish at work. Every one was swinging around chandeliers near enough today. 

One more day to go till my holiday off work, have you guys got any time off work in the summer? Anything that stood out this week for you? Let me know in the comments! 

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My Artwork &  Projects. 

My latest project – my blog, and I have to say, it’s amazing.  I feel that i have a voice of freedom, people supporting one another, it’s great!

My latest E.P. 6-Track Carnival. Released in July. I love createing new music. I cannot wait to get my last few videos from the album finished. Listen to it for free here 

Hold My Hand This is a fan favourite, and my favourite. Mainly because me and my son are on the wall. Probably the most heartfelt song I have ever wrote.

Next on the cards is a cover album, going to be a free download too! Hope you like my artwork and if you need any help with some, give us a shout! 

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Where are you from? And what do you love most about it?  

My fellow followers, I talk with you, your on my feed.

 I usually follow them who follow me, not to gain followers, but to gain a shared interest. 

I love your posts! It’s refreshing having a shared interest and learning from you. I know lots about your contribution to the blogsphere, but where are you from? 

I’m from England, although, I can’t really understand why there isn’t a one world language yet. I don’t like even like saying the word ‘foreign’. It differentiates us, when we are much closer and work better together. 

The thing I love about England most is the humour, people are so witty, especially in the north (not because I’m from the north) lol. 

      So let me know where your from.. Tell me one thing you love about it! 


A week in the life of me #1

So this week has been a weird one,  I have been quite an introvert this week, Family has been the main player. Wednesday I went up town with the wife and kid, got off the bus, and realised we left little ones coat on the bus! Nooooooo (slow motion) moment!

 I took some alleys running through the city of York like a madman to catch the bus, everybody watching me curiously, I got there held the bus down, mission complete. Running for a purpose is so much better than running without, well that’s what I told myself as I was  walking back feeling like a hero. 

So, the same day I had my maths exam. I was in a room with just a woman and me for 2 hours, very quiet as you’d expect. And call me a child, but I’m quite a talker and not keen on silence. So,  I’m Sat there and I couldn’t help but notice her stomach grumble an hour through the exam. I wanted to burst out laughing, how immatre am I?  Tehehe. 

Thanks for checking out my previous post word of the week, I started it on Instagram before I found blogging and it helps me learn too! I also have some funny ideas to promote your blogs! I can’t wait to get started! Oooh me being cheeky again, peace people. 

How was your week? Any highlights?