HMGW challenges Kid-B #2

Check out the latest challenge! this month includes : Mango, Dragonball, spatula and many more! Comment and give me a random item to rap about on the HMGW Show next month!!


My Wife Is A Ninja 

Yes, for the first time in 10 years, my wife went all Ninja on me. I sent her a text about quarter to ten (she was at work) saying i was going to sleep, and guess what? She didn’t turn the light on! All the nights I layed awake waiting for the light to go […]

A Week In The Life Of Me #2

So guys, I guess Thursday is now the official home of ‘A week in the life of me’.  The weekend just gone I did some videoing with my son for one of my tracks called ‘Turn that music down’. We were messing around and he really loved the being the director, especially when I wore […]

Weird photos #1

  It looks like I have tomato soup in my beard, but it’s the lighting.   tomato soup or not, that’s my wife, she wouldn’t care. I’m the luckiest man on earth. 

Kid-b Silly Rap, Challenge #1

HMGW Home of music gaming and wrestling, challenges Kid-B (me) to Rap about everyday items this week includes :- Star Wars Figure Battery Wolverine Figure Tea Bag Smelly Shoe Plastic Container At 0:27 Stream my music free: To be honest, Container was the hardest one to thread in. I thought how could I make Container sound […]