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My Wife Is A Ninja 

Yes, for the first time in 10 years, my wife went all Ninja on me. I sent her a text about quarter to ten (she was at work) saying i was going to sleep, and guess what? She didn’t turn the light on! All the nights I layed awake waiting for the light to go off, all the morning’s I got up in darkness and lead myself through the rooms of black to creep like a Ninja and not disturb anyone. Yes my wife is a Ninja just like me. Welcome to the club tuts, Hi-ya!

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A Week In The Life Of Me #2

So guys, I guess Thursday is now the official home of ‘A week in the life of me’. 

The weekend just gone I did some videoing with my son for one of my tracks called ‘Turn that music down’. We were messing around and he really loved the being the director, especially when I wore some of my wife’s clothes! Shhh! Don’t tell the Internet or anything! 

(Not me I prefer the tiger suit) 

Oh, by the way I passed my maths exam. Blood, sweat and tears but got there in the end, looking forward to my counselling course now, but going to enjoy the rest of summer first!

 I have struggled with sleeping this week, so much pressure of an early night can send you the other way, well, that’s what I have learnt, as of late. I have got two weeks off work starting next week. It has made my week so hard knowing that. I know it is all in your head but I can’t help thinking about it!! 

This morning was cold before going to work, I loved it, being tired, you can’t beat it. Sorry I’ll stop bieng sarcastic now.  No, i mean the cold, It gives you a taster of the winter months, and it is kind of refreshing,  taking your mind to a different season, very therapeutic!
It’s like when I came out of work today, after a day and night of rain, there it was, glorious sunshine. The weather making us appreciate it, just feels so much better after the rain!

Wierd energy today, Thursday’s are rubbish at work. Every one was swinging around chandeliers near enough today. 

One more day to go till my holiday off work, have you guys got any time off work in the summer? Anything that stood out this week for you? Let me know in the comments! 

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Kid-b Silly Rap, Challenge #1

HMGW Home of music gaming and wrestling, challenges Kid-B (me) to Rap about everyday items this week includes :-

Star Wars Figure


Wolverine Figure

Tea Bag

Smelly Shoe

Plastic Container

At 0:27

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To be honest, Container was the hardest one to thread in. I thought how could I make Container sound even remotely cool? So I put my trainers in containers cozy there making bad fumes! Thank you for the challenge, can’t wait for the next one.  

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