There is a place, which no one knows, And in this place, where friendship grows, Beneath the sky, beyond the fields, People are true and love is real. I seek a path, I look for a way, To find this place, be back there again,I’ve been there once, it was like a dream,I was too […]

Far away 

Those times in my mind I still think about you.  I still hear you in my mind, don’t doubt you.  Hey, just because I’m far away doesn’t mean anything between me and you changes. You can turn the page and I’ll be waiting. Till we meet again my friend, saying – Hey just because I’m […]

Weird photos #1

  It looks like I have tomato soup in my beard, but it’s the lighting.   tomato soup or not, that’s my wife, she wouldn’t care. I’m the luckiest man on earth.