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The fiesta del Tomate 

Had to share this great poem! The original blogger can be found here:

a fiesta and celebration of this juicy red

carried in baskets brimming full

spilling out onto the streets of Spain

this ripened bounteous store is made


slipping and sliding they begin to squelch

only the softest is thrown

licking the fruit from tasty lips

I’ve heard they’re a pheromone


friendships are forged

in a friendly fire of squishy spirited fun

chaos reigns as they intertwine

and teeming the juices run


but the juice that creates

isn’t wine

but for cleansing the streets

from the ripened vine  real source.

Wish you all to LA Tomatina 2015

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Kid-b – Way Of Old 

The lights are on but no-ones home

Please take me back to the way of old

Campfires and swing ropes 

Guitars and hot coals 

Let’s go back to basics 

Cut a timeline through the ages 

Free to do our thing

That’s why I get on the mic and sing. 

These are some unused lyrics but are set for use on my new album next year. 

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Kid-B – Way of Old 

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Drunk in love. 

Sat here on my own thinking of you and me, netflix and biscuits, 

You were with me because I was a misfit,

But between us it’s just distance, 

Trying to get us back to where we were, trying to lift us.

My friends keep telling me; give it up, give it up, let her go, live it up,

I guess I drink too much, Have another drink and I can feel your touch…  it’s a crutch.

Call it drunk in love, call it what you wana,

But I was on the keys, you were the performer,

You were my side-kick you were my Robin, but it’s like you went and forgotten and I find it all shocking,

Hate to be truthful, but it’s mad to think you won’t hold me like you used to.
And I’ve saved all your texts with x’s,

Disagreements with your x’s,

But best wishes,

Mr,  Mrs,

Not right man, this isn’t what I wanted..

Mentally physic, flying quidditch,

Rounders, hit it, round the park after dark and our visits to the drive through,

And late night Thai food,

But that night you were in a right mood,

And smiled at the other guys cute,

Right through to the end, I’d walk on hot coals,

To make you happy that was my goal,

I thought enough loyalty was shown I didn’t expect to be Royaly thrown,

Sat here with these beers all alone,

In an empty home,

It’s mad to think you won’t hold me like you used to.