The rattle of the pole quakes through me like im part of it The air making my ears muffle, Shaking my seat The rumble of the engine, vibrating right through me making my stomach uneasy The pole rattles again, then i feel like a massive crack has been put through my skull The pain is […]

Far away 

Those times in my mind I still think about you.  I still hear you in my mind, don’t doubt you.  Hey, just because I’m far away doesn’t mean anything between me and you changes. You can turn the page and I’ll be waiting. Till we meet again my friend, saying – Hey just because I’m […]

Kid-b – Way Of Old 

The lights are on but no-ones home Please take me back to the way of old Campfires and swing ropes  Guitars and hot coals  Let’s go back to basics  Cut a timeline through the ages  Free to do our thing That’s why I get on the mic and sing.  These are some unused lyrics but […]