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Body Language, Eating Out & Handshakes. 

So, I was Sat having a meal at a pub with the Mrs. A steak, it was delicious. The Mrs wasn’t so keen after finding a big chunk of fat on her steak. She didn’t say nothing though, well at least her mouth didn’t.

The bar lady came over and asked how the meal was. I said, great, cheers. My wife said it was lovely, thanks. I noticed a twitch in her shoulder as she said it. I already new she was lieing.

I did a little digging and came across clusters. Now,  clusters are when people try to lie and fake the whole face thing. But, the human body knows better and responds to the lieing in a different way, I. E. Twitching, leg, hand gestures.

The other things I read about are handshakes. Now, we all know that old battle of a firmer handshake, alpha male and all that crap. But there is things like photo donimation. If you are on the left hand side (looking at the photo) you appear to be the more dominant, especially with handshakes, take a look..

Ok, some player is going to try and stop the left hand character, being more dominant, how can he do it? Like this…

Putin moves his hand further up with a tight grip, making Obama look like the donimated. Also it can create moments of awkwardness, like this..

 Now Putin is getting owned, so what does he do? Adds another hand, giving more power to him but also making them look like a cute couple. Awkward, but Putin comes out trumps. (Silly political joke not intended). 

I am not big on politics, but I find they are the best examples for handshakes. 

Watch out for clusters, handshakes and fatty steak! 

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Music and exercise psychology 

  • New exercisers will get motivated quicker with music than not.
  • Music can enhance and dehance so make sure your in charge of the playlist. 
  • Listening to ‘power music’ can make you feel powerful. 
  • Generally, the higher bass levels, the more powerful words in music to get you motivated. 
  • Listening to music before exercise can help improve simple tasks.
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Don’t let the colours fool you

Hello guys, so I am reading a great book called ‘Eyes Wide Open’ by Noreena Hertz. It’s about making smart decisions, I could do with that! Anyways, it talks about money and how you can be misguided by colours etc. So I dug a little further and found these for you. I hope they come in handy when making your next purchase!

  • Yellow – grabs attention of shoppers 
  • Red – often seen in clearance sales (urgency) 
  • Orange – action, buy or sell
  • Blue –  trust, security – banks etc.
  • Green – wealth, money also it is the easiest colour to process. 
  • Pink – feminine products 
  • Black – powerful, luxurious products 
  • Purple – calm, beauty

researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone. 

    Are you reading anything that could be of use to someone? Post in the comments! 

    First post, Welcome to WordPress

    Dream dog. 

    What? Dream dog? What kinda names that!? D, there is a great thud in the sound and it’s kinda catchy. It does sound like something you’d do. “Just going to log in to dream dog.” So got my name sorted for a blog, sorry, where are my manners? I’m James that’s me below.

    I have a beautiful wife, a beautiful son, and I am very grateful for everything I have in life. Here the gang are..


    So blogs, yeah, interesting things. I’ve done a lot of reading about them, met a few people here on WordPress. I have to say it is quite understandable and everyone seems really community minded.

    I have left Facebook alone for a while, to me it has really lost appeal, unless others are involved in what your posting your the next down no like lane and no one cares or at least doesn’t care online.

    We all like support, we all deserve the same amount of likes/respects as one another. We are all equally important and gifted.
    My blog is going to mainly be about chasing your dream and having children at the same time (my current situation).  I’m kinda like an uncle to everyone I know, i hope you can be the same, and look to me for advice. As this is me in the physical world. My other interests are :

    • Music
    • Writing lyrics
    • Psychology (counselling)
    • Graphic design
    • Mindfulness
    • Video editing
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Comedy
    • Collaboration

    So, I really want to get to know you all! Share with me your passion and your blog. My interests can be literally anything. I just like people who care and who have compassion. So fire away!