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My Wife Is A Ninja 

Yes, for the first time in 10 years, my wife went all Ninja on me. I sent her a text about quarter to ten (she was at work) saying i was going to sleep, and guess what? She didn’t turn the light on! All the nights I layed awake waiting for the light to go off, all the morning’s I got up in darkness and lead myself through the rooms of black to creep like a Ninja and not disturb anyone. Yes my wife is a Ninja just like me. Welcome to the club tuts, Hi-ya!


Reflex to Pop World 

Your getting old, yes you are. If you know these two night clubs yes, you are. Or, your not as young as you used to be! I remember going clubbing as a youngster, Reflex was the 70’s/80’s club. You used to go in there, pretending to know the words to songs and then spin around like Michael Jackson. What great songs they are! And always will be. 

I went out clubbing, about a year or so ago. We went into Pop world. It’s been on the go a few years now. I knew every word to every song and kicked ass on the dance floor (in a dancing sense). Oh the times have changed. The same place they had Reflex is now Pop World. Playing 90’s/00’s. I see my favourite childhood songs on the t.v. Advertising what they now class as ‘old skool’ I remember watching best of the 80s growing up! How the times gave changed. 

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A week in the life of me #3

So guys, my new slot for a Thursday! Work last Friday got a little mental. I say a bit, a lot! Picture two mountain’s with heads and a midget trying to stop them collieding, i.e me.

Yes, two of the biggest guys in my work place decided to have a battle, right before finishing the shift for my jollies, and I was doing a Jeremy Kyle and trying to keep the peace.

Jollies = Holiday

I had been to my folks on the weekend just gone. I say folks, they are good friends aswell.  I have just discovered my dad used to be a cowboy! Well horse-rider, but it sounds more fun for his grandson – ye-hah Grandpa! They have had some really good news so I was really happy for them! 😁😀

I had my last bit of dental treatment on Monday, it lasted an hour n half, I get on well with the dentist when they are not hurting me! Lol. I was on a tight schedule, things to do, crime to fight, that sort of thing.  So, although I get on with my dentist, I couldn’t bloody talk because i had a plastic sheet over my mouth. I really wanted to ask what part of the treatment we were at,  but i couldn’t speak and they didn’t tell me till right at the end. And baring in mind I had all sorts of stuff coming in and out of me mouth. It was like i was in an insane asylum, there was even smoke at one point. but I’ve always looked a little like frankenstien so there’s no problem there!

Tuesday, I went to see that emoji film with my boy. It was actually a lot better than I anticipated, I can’t believe all that happens in my phone, really educational.

Yesterday was very emotional, on a serious note. We met up with a lost relative, brother of my wife’s father who passed a few years ago. They live up in Scotland. We all met up where I live in York. It was overwhelming – almost like seeing my father-in-law back to life, similar character, sense of humour. I felt the need to have a wise old man back in my life, knowing this about this, and that about that.

Today we went to Leeds from York on the ZAP bus, they have leather seats, wifi and USB ports, very swarve. Tonight I’m going out drinking, woo bloody hoo! Hopefully get down with my bad self, on the dance floor! All will be revealed next week! Thanks for reading!

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How to make better decisions. 

Decision making, easy hey? Im Afraid not! Unfortunately we are not the best at desicion making, it’s been proven. Experiments have been put together to carry out desicion making, one in particular caught my reading attention – The mathematical expert, well, he was an actor, at some sort of mathematical convention for experts. Having no mathematical knowledge whatsoever, but having books and certificates to prove otherwise – he answered questions people fired at him (non mathematical as a guess). And not only that – People claimed that they had already read his portfolio! Amazing what you can do with some clever acting. All the people at the convention bought it.

Another thing we buy so easily is our own character. Ask yourself, the last time you asked for an opinion, was it off someone with similar characteristics as you? Chances are it was. Why not? We want our opinion to be valued,  so why not ask someone who will value it? This is where we go wrong, because we use the same angle, the same people and the same opinion. We sometimes don’t like hearing other people’s opinions, this is one of reasons why we are bad at decision making. We need to take a new angle and be daring to ask those who do not have similar characteristics as us.

Looking back and being totally honest with myself, I’d say my decision making has been poor. I value more people than ever now! Goes to show we are collectively better.

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Quick mediation videos for beginners. 

My favourite 5 minute guided meditation videos 

So, if your a newbie to meditation, i have put together some 5 minute videos for you. I used to do a lot more and I cannot make any excuses to why I don’t so I’m not going to. I recently started up again with 5 minutes every morning, and I can feel the difference. More relaxed, more comfortable, confident and aware. I will be making more playlists and I have hand-picked these out. I am very picky when it comes to making the right decision, so i know you will benefit from these little gems! If you can meditate to my music videos too, go for it! 

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How to achieve anything, from my experience. 

I was no good at writing songs

The more i wrote songs, the better i became at it. 

I lacked confidence

The more i  tried at being confident, the better i became. 

I failed in relationships

The more i tried at relationships, the better i became in them. 

I couldn’t rap as good as the others. 

But the more I rapped the more I could rap like the others. 

I thought I wouldn’t know what to do when life got hard. 

But the more I went through, the better I became at it. 

I used to have no drive and no purpose. 

The more i searched for it, the more found it. 

I used to have really bad anxiety, 

The more methods i tried to tackle it with, the better it became. 

You can do anything, just keep trying!