Kid-b – Way Of Old 

The lights are on but no-ones home

Please take me back to the way of old

Campfires and swing ropes 

Guitars and hot coals 

Let’s go back to basics 

Cut a timeline through the ages 

Free to do our thing

That’s why I get on the mic and sing. 

These are some unused lyrics but are set for use on my new album next year. 

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Kid-B – Way of Old 


8 thoughts on “Kid-b – Way Of Old 

  1. From a fellow songwriter, not bad. I wouldn’t mind hearing the finished work. Has a folk song kind of vibe to it, although without hearing the music it’s really open to anyone’s interpretation. Good luck with the album. Those are always great fun to write.

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    1. Thanks Ryan, I was written to a guitar loop, and I haven’t literally done anything with it but, I can’t let it go. The main focus was the state of the world etc. That’s good too know, you should post some of your work too brother, or link me up to your music? I would love to hear your stuff. I love all genres.

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      1. Hey mate, yes I think more passion lives in dream chasers, you enjoy it more and there is no barriers. I briefly checked your YouTube and left a comment, the Tia song blew me away, I love your stuff and would love to work with you given half the chance! don’t give up. I haven’t checked out all of your songs but I’m guessing you have just kept improving and improving, maybe you have noticed this your self? I’ll continue to support you, as I would love to buy your CD and show it off to people! Do you have a Facebook page? You can get a small studio set-up for cheap, if you have a computer your half way there. Great sound Ryan l do rap and pop but I feel there could be a lot more market for you genre especially talent shows! You should really consider it! But we all like going our own way I suppose. Keep up the good work! My YouTube is launching some more video’s later in the year. Nice one !

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